My Sliding Door Won't Unlock – Now What? When a sliding glass door doesn't unlock, it can be tempting to call a locksmith. However, a little troubleshooting could restore your slider to working order without the unnecessary expense of a door lock professional. Tips for Solving Your Bay Area Sliding Door Issues If your sliding door is stuck, try these simple tricks before turning to professional assistance: Check yourself. First, make sure you haven't confused the slider door key with one for another door in your home. (You won't be the first person slapping yourself on the forehead because you used the wrong key.) Also, make sure you are turning the key in the right direction. Depending on how the slider was installed, it could unlock either way.  Look for reinforcements. It's very common for sliding glass doors leading to outdoor areas to have additional security reinforcements. Ensure that you have released all locks, brackets, bars, and bolts, checking … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Sliding Glass Door Sliding glass doors are equipped with simple locking mechanisms, making them a common point of weakness when it comes to the security of your home. Luckily, with a few reinforcements, you can increase the security of your sliders, sending would-be burglars on their way. Step 1: Beef Up Your Latch The easiest way to bolster the security of your door is to add beefier locks in addition to its standard locking mechanism. Inexpensive and easy-to-install, incorporating a keyed sliding door lock or sliding door loop lock can help hold your sliding glass door in place, protecting it from being jiggled off-track. Step 2: Throw a Wrench in the Works Another way to prevent your sliding door from being dislodged from the tracks is by popping in a window security bar. For added security, and to reduce the likelihood of needing sliding glass door repair, you can also add shatter-proof glass protection film. … [Read more...]

Extend Sliding Patio Door Life with Threshold Maintenance Your sliding patio door threshold is an essential part of your interior and exterior décor, and it also prevents damage to your sliding door. It’s critical that your door thresholds offer adequate drainage, especially for doors that face the prevailing weather. Clogged or improperly installed thresholds can cause several problems. To keep your sliding patio door threshold looking beautiful and functioning properly, regular maintenance is essential. Common Sliding Patio Door Threshold Problems Why is sliding patio door maintenance so important? Here are three problems that can arise from too much accumulated moisture: Rust: damages the metal of your sliding door frame as well as other support components. It can also cause friction, stopping doors from sliding smoothly across the track. Excessive wear: For patio doors to function optimally, rollers and track surfaces need to be working at 100 percent. Moisture … [Read more...]

Using Sliding Door Adjustment Screws Sliding doors allow you to immerse yourself in your gorgeous backyard garden or balcony, watching the sunrise over breakfast. Few things are more frustrating than having a sticky sliding door get in the way of your plans. One solution to sliding door problems is to use the sliding door adjustment screws. What Are Sliding Door Adjustment Screws? Sliding door adjustment screws are designed to keep the door level, balanced between the top and bottom tracks. When a door becomes misaligned, these screws let you correct the problem. Every sliding door is slightly different, but you can generally find the adjustment screws near the top or bottom inside edges of each door, in pairs. To lower your doors, you must turn the screws counterclockwise — to the left. To raise them, you’ll need to apply upward pressure while simultaneously rotating the screws clockwise. When Is It Time to Call an Expert? Simple maintenance tasks for sliding … [Read more...]

Sliding Door Problems May Be Related to Having the Wrong Wheels Installed Few things in a home are more frustrating than when your sliding door doesn’t easily open or close, especially during the winter months. If you’re having trouble opening and closing your sliding door, the wrong sliding door wheels could be causing the problem. Installing the wrong wheels can end up causing serious problems because the wheels don’t match the tracks that they’re supposed to glide on. Materials Matter When it comes to installing sliding doors, the installer needs to consider the types of materials used. It’s common for people who have worn-out sliding door wheels to replace them with steel garage door wheels. Unfortunately, if they are used in a door installed with aluminum tracks, it can cause big problems later on. Steel is a harder material and can cause gouges and worn tracks if used with aluminum. In some cases, the entire track will need to be replaced. What to Do If You Have the Wrong … [Read more...]

Planning Your Wall Spacing for Pocket Doors Before installing pocket doors, it’s important to note that the wall spacing for pocket doors is different than the space needed for hinged doors. If you’re considering installing these doors, whether as a replacement or as part of new construction, here are a few things you should consider. Reasons to Choose a Pocket Door While pocket doors are uncommon, these doors were once a staple in many homes for their space-saving convenience. Now they’re a rare find in modern homes. However, their architectural and aesthetic advantages are appealing to many homeowners, prompting something of a comeback. The number one benefit of having a pocket door is additional space, since it slides into the wall when open. If you have a narrow hall, a pocket door can be a great solution to avoid interfering with traffic. Homeowners may also prefer this type of door for aesthetic purposes. Due to their historical use, they can add a bit of classical elegance … [Read more...]

Why You Should Replace Your Sliding Door Locks Regularly Regular upkeep of sliding door locks is probably not something you have thought about in your customary home maintenance routines. While keeping locks clean may help extend the life of these mechanisms, if you have already noticed issues with your lock sticking or failing to operate properly, it’s probably time to replace it entirely. Faulty sliding door locks are a safety concern for your family and a security risk for your home, so don’t delay. Replacing Sliding Door Locks in the San Francisco Bay Area You don’t need to beat yourself up over the condition of your sliding door locks. It’s inevitable that your exterior doors will be exposed to the elements in addition to normal wear and tear. In fact, there are several natural occurrences that impact the effectiveness of a lock. Accumulation of dirt, oils and grime Dust, including from inserted keys Typical outdoor weather conditions A quick way to check if your … [Read more...]

Pocket Door Troubles Are Often Caused by Clogged Pocket Door Tracks and Rollers Pocket door tracks are notorious culprits behind run-of-the-mill pocket door mishaps. Along with the rollers, the tracks often get filled with dirt and other gunk that is normal in a household environment. In order to maintain your doors and ensure they glide obstacle-free in the pocket door tracks, it’s important to keep the tracks and rollers clean and repaired. Repairing Pocket Door Tracks in Santa Cruz County While not exposed to the same elements as exterior doors, pocket door tracks and rollers can still become clogged up with residue that affects their functionality. Over years of use, a lot of junk typically accumulates in the tracks and wall units, causing the doors and rollers to stick and be difficult to efficiently open and close. What might you find in your pocket door tracks and rollers? These are common: Naturally occurring dust Hair shed from residents Other day-to-day … [Read more...]

Can You Put Cat Doors in Windows? If you have a feline friend, then you’re understandably interested in installing cat doors in windows. You want the best life for your cat and convenience for yourself. There’s no reason to keep getting up to let your cat out. When you install a cat door, you can let your kitty enjoy the outdoors whenever he or she pleases. Integrated Cat Doors for Sliding Glass Panels When you think about pet doors, you may think of the traditional pet panels. This installation method is outdated. You don’t have to take up that much space and put your home at risk with the old style of pet door. The pros at A1 On Track can install a cat door directly into a fixed or side sliding window or in your sliding door. This results in a seamless installation, leaving no gaps whatsoever. Cat Doors for Sash Windows It’s also easy to install a cat door in a sash window. This is a window that simply slides up and down. We can install a pet door under the sash window with … [Read more...]

7 Wet Weather Pet Door Tips If you have a cat or dog, you need wet weather pet door tips to survive the rainy season. Inclement weather can be hectic for you and your pets. Here’s how to handle storms with a pet door. 1. Secure the Pet Door in Wet Weather Some pets enjoy playing outside in wet weather and will run in and out, making a terrible mess. Make sure you close and lock the pet door when it’s not in use, so your pet doesn’t track in rain and mud. A1 On Track installs pet doors that lock for security and convenience. 2. Weather-Proof the Pet Door Your doggy door should be equipped with proper insulation and a weather seal to keep the rain out. Security Boss Pet Doors get the job done. 3. Create a Positive Experience Certain pets may be reluctant to take care of business outdoors while it’s raining, which can lead to unpleasant accidents in your house. Reward your pet with treats whenever he or she goes outside using the pet door when it’s wet. 4. Teach Your … [Read more...]