Sliding Door Pet Doors: Know If They Are Right For You Each home, animal and owner are different. If you are thinking about getting a sliding door pet panel installed, consider both the positive and negative aspects of this type of panel to help ensure you make the right decision. Benefits Provided by Pet Doors in Your Sliding Door  Aside from the convenience afforded to you and your fur baby, there are other pros to having a sliding pet panel: Visually Appealing: As long as your door is a fairly common color, you can find a sliding pet door to match. Economical: This type of panel should generally form a good seal in the frame so too much air doesn’t get in or out. Simple to Install: Putting in a sliding pet door doesn’t always require professional installation but for a great finish and guaranteed operation, it is best to hire an installation expert. If your pet enjoys the outdoors, a pet door of some kind is worth considering. Potential Drawbacks to Pet Panels In … [Read more...]

3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Sliding Door Hardware Your sliding door needs fixing, so why not make the most of the situation by upgrading its hardware? At A-1 On Track, we want to make sure your doors not only slide, but glide. Many people live every day fighting sliding doors that stick. If you are tired of fighting, or if your sliding door no longer works properly, it’s time to let us upgrade your hardware. 1. Range of Options on Hardware Appearance and Function You have a choice when it comes to the latch, lock and even the handles on your sliding door. It should latch completely, lock securely and be comfortable and smooth to operate. A technician from A-1 On Track can show you options that would work best with your door to make sure you get the best match. 2. Better Sliding Door Security An old or faulty latch or lock can comprise the security of your home. Don’t risk unwanted company getting in or small children accidentally getting out. Upgrade the hardware on your … [Read more...]

Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets Use a Pet Door and Keep them Out of the Sun Dogs and cats are just as vulnerable to summer heat as young children and older people. While they might love to play outdoors, it is important to keep them safe from dehydration and sunburn. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) offers some important hot weather safety tips for your pets. 10 Ways to Protect Your Pets in Summer Use pet-specific sunscreen: Products for humans generally contain zinc oxide which is toxic for your animals. Limit walking on asphalt surfaces: The heat can burn their sensitive paws. Walk them in the grass if you can. Avoid over-exercising them: Walk your pooch during the early hours of the morning or after sundown when it is cooler. Provide plenty of fresh drinking water: Change the water in their bowls often and carry a bottle when you are outdoors with your pet. Never leave them unattended in your car: Vehicles will overheat in … [Read more...]

Make Sliding Doors More Energy Efficient Useful Tips to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your Sliding Doors Air leaks through sliding patio doors can cause a significant increase in your energy bills. Caulking around them is one of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of air coming in and going out. A more effective, but expensive alternative is to replace the existing panes with low E glass. Our experts offer valuable tips to make your sliding doors more energy efficient. Your Sliding Glass Doors Can Be More Energy Efficient. Here’s How: Clean the jambs and tracks: Accumulated dirt and debris can damage the seals, resulting in heat loss or gain. Replace damaged weather stripping: Sliding doors depend on quality weather stripping to keep out the heat and cold. When replacing worn out stripping, make sure you choose the right kind. Some products are cheap for a reason! Reinstall caulking: Shifting building weight and fluctuating weather cause caulking to crack and fall out. … [Read more...]

Did You Know that Pets Can Wear Sunscreen? Protect Your Dog with Canine Sunscreen and a Pet Door As you plan more outdoor time with your four-legged family members this summer, it is important to think about how to protect them from the sun’s harsh rays. Like humans, dogs and cats are also susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer. Those with lighter or white fur and hairless breeds are especially vulnerable. Yes, pets can wear sunscreen but be careful what you apply! How to Select Sunscreen for Your Pets General sunscreen products are not safe to use on your pooch or feline. Products for humans typically contain zinc oxide which is toxic if ingested by your pets. Here are some tips on how to purchase the right sunblock for your canines and cats. Read the label: Check for zinc and for any warnings about using the product on your pet. Look for a pet-specific sunscreen: These do not pose a risk to your furry friend. If you have trouble finding it, look for one that is made for … [Read more...]

Is Your Cat Banging on the Door? Poor Kitty! Install a Pet Door and Rest Easy Of course, you love your cat. Your friends may not want to see one more of your cat videos, but your kitty is adorable. Except when you are annoyed by their belligerent behavior and sleepless nights. Vets say that there are several reasons why your cat might be scratching or meowing at your door. She could be hungry, trying to get your attention, needs more play time or simply wants to go outside. Here are some ways to stop your cat from banging on the door. Tips to Stop Your Cat from Destroying Your Door and Your Sleep Spend some time with kitty: All she probably wants is some one-on-one time with you when you get home from work. Make it a point to spend quality time with her before or after dinner and see if the scratching stops. Change her feeding schedule: Perhaps she is hungry. Try giving her a little more food. Or change her meal time to shortly before you go to bed. This might help her and … [Read more...]

Should You Buy Pet Scratch Protectors or Pet Doors? Is your cat or dog ruining your floors, furniture, doors and trim? Before investing in plastic door shields or scratch guard vinyl furniture products, it is important to understand the reasons for your pet’s destructive behavior. While the most basic reason for your pooch misbehaving is the ‘need to go’, being bored and stuck indoors all day could also be a factor. Read on to learn what is more effective—pet scratch protectors or pet doors. Important Benefits of Installing Pet Doors Allowing free access to a fenced backyard helps to maintain a calm, happy temperament and consequently, prevents damage to doors and furniture from scratching and chewing. Installing cat or dog doors has made many pet owners and their four-legged family members happier. Here’s how.  Healthy bathroom frequency: On average, dogs need to go outside at least 4-5 times per day to relieve themselves. This means Fido cannot wait for hours till you get … [Read more...]

Tips for Preventing Your Dog’s Muddy Paws A Pet Door Can Help Keep Your Home Clean Most pet owners dread the rain because it means muddy paws all over the house. Wet weather aside, dogs, especially puppies love to dig dirt, play in the mud and run through puddles. A dirt trapping mat is one way to minimize all the cleaning and mopping. Read about a few other ways to prevent your dog’s muddy paws from messing up your clean home. How to Keep Your Dog’s Paws Clean  Disposable wipes: Rain or sun, your pet must go outside to relieve herself. Wet wipes are a quick and convenient way to clean the mud and dirt off her paws when she comes in. While some pets may have sensitivities to the cleaning solution, most others have no adverse reactions. Keep a box of these handy near your pet door. Paw cleaning mitt: Many pet owners recommend using this because the fluffy fibers trap dirt effectively and keep your hands clean. To remove stubborn dirt, simply wet it. The mitt is less expensive … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Allow Your Cat to Go Out through a Pet Door Many pet parents are conflicted about whether to give their cats some outside time. Hazards like passing cars, loose dogs, wild animals, infections and the risk of getting lost, are possibly your main concerns about your cat going in and out when you are away. However, your enclosed yard might be a safe place to enjoy fresh air and explore the outdoors a couple of times per day. Learn about the multiple benefits of allowing your cat to go out through a pet door. Benefits of Letting Your Cat Play in Your Backyard Prevents boredom: Being inside all day is no fun for a cat. Letting your feline friend roam freely in your backyard provides an interesting change of scene. You can build an enclosure or install special fencing to keep your kitty safe. Deters destructive behavior: Scratching furniture, excessive mewing, stubbornness and sudden aggression towards people can be signs of boredom. Watching birds and squirrels up … [Read more...]

Tips to Protect Your Pets from the Sun Install a Quality Pet Door to Minimize Exposure Like us, our pets too can suffer sunburn and develop skin cancer. Every summer, emergency room staff attend to dogs and cats with burned paws, heat stroke and cancerous lesions. Minimizing exposure, applying sunscreen and never leaving your beloved animals in the car on a sweltering day are some ways to protect your pets from the sun. Read these summer safety tips for your pets. 5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Safe in Summer Keep them indoors when it’s hot: Do not take them for walks or to the dog park between 11 am and 3 pm when the sun is at its peak. Walk your pooch earlier in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is setting. Hairless breeds and pets with white or lighter-colored fur are especially vulnerable to sunburn. Consider a sun shirt. There are many cute garments designed specifically for pets. Check the sidewalk: If it is too hot for you to hold your hand on … [Read more...]