Why You Should Replace Your Sliding Door Locks Regularly Regular upkeep of sliding door locks is probably not something you have thought about in your customary home maintenance routines. While keeping locks clean may help extend the life of these mechanisms, if you have already noticed issues with your lock sticking or failing to operate properly, it’s probably time to replace it entirely. Faulty sliding door locks are a safety concern for your family and a security risk for your home, so don’t delay. Replacing Sliding Door Locks in the San Francisco Bay Area You don’t need to beat yourself up over the condition of your sliding door locks. It’s inevitable that your exterior doors will be exposed to the elements in addition to normal wear and tear. In fact, there are several natural occurrences that impact the effectiveness of a lock. Accumulation of dirt, oils and grime Dust, including from inserted keys Typical outdoor weather conditions A quick way to check if your … [Read more...]

In California, sliding doors are wonderful for bringing the temperate outdoors inside. But with winter on its way, you’ll want to keep the chill from coming into your home. There are steps you can take to be sure your sliding doors are ready for the colder months. The good news: Winter-proofing your sliders also pays benefits during the summer months by keeping warm air outside. Outfitting your sliding door with full-length shades or drapes is the most effective way of keeping cold air from seeping indoors. Installing them requires a bit of work and they can be moderately expensive. But shades or drapes are a stylish way to add insulation and keep energy costs down. Forget opening and closing by hand. Many high-end shades and drapes are automated and can be operated via smartphone or computer. Programs enable you to adjust the amount of light in a room throughout the day, all year long. Manufacturers also offer a feature in which the edges of the drape or shade can be … [Read more...]

Sliding doors are wonderful for bringing the California outdoors inside. But when El Niño ushers in a wet winter, you may want to have your sliding doors inspected. If you are accustomed to maintaining your sliders, the following steps should be simple for you. If not, call a local contractor such as A-1 On Track to inspect all sliding doors in your home and make certain they are prepared for El Niño. Here’s how to keep the rain and the chill outside and keep your sliders working all year round: Weatherstripping is important. If your sliders are a few years old, check the seals around the edges of both the stationary and active doors. If weatherstripping is gone or damaged, remove dried adhesive before applying the new stripping. All types of weatherstripping are available at hardware or home improvement stores. The more expensive weatherstripping does a better job of sealing off cold air. Caulk around the perimeter of the door casing, inside and out, if you detect … [Read more...]

A sliding patio door takes a lot of abuse, especially during the warmer months. Think about the number of times that patio door is used during a busy day. Considering summer barbecues, pool parties, family gatherings or time hanging out on the patio with a cool drink, it’s obvious your sliding screen doors are opened and closed dozens of times a day. Is your patio door showing its age? Inspect a well-worn door and you may see: Tears and holes in the screen. Insects seem adept at slipping through the smallest opening to get into your house. A bent frame, which may be affecting the operation of the slider. Broken handles. Locks that don’t function properly. Keep in mind that intruders love a door with a faulty lock. It’s relatively easy to break into a home through a patio sliding screen door that may be closed but not tightly locked. Stubborn rollers that make opening and closing the door a chore. If your sliding screen door were a car, you’d take it … [Read more...]