If you need sliding door lock replacement, don’t wait to install this vital element to the safety of your building. The security of your home or business depends on the ability to lock doors securely and preventing intruders from easily breaking into them. A-1 On Track can replace virtually any type of lock for your sliding door. We also respond quickly because we know your safety - and peace of mind - is assured when sliding doors at your home or business can be locked securely. There are many locks from which to choose. The better locks can cost up to $200 or more. While spending a lot of money on a lock is not always necessary, keep in mind that the more expensive locks will be sturdier because they are made of materials such as solid brass, more reliable and better able to withstand constant use. Manufacturer warranties will also be more comprehensive on products of higher quality. Buy only locks that are certified by the American National Standards Institute, or … [Read more...]

Patio door rollers wear out primarily for the same reason anything with moving parts wears out - years of use. All that time spent in the backyard for barbecues, family get-togethers, graduation parties, and weekend afternoons with a cold drink are tough on patio doors. Slowly,  almost imperceptibly, the often-used doors become more difficult to open and close. The rollers, which are actually small metal wheels in the frame at the bottom of the patio door, are attached by bearings. Because the bearings carry the load of the door as it moves, they become worn. Even quality doors that are not opened and shut frequently begin to drag after awhile. Bearings can also deteriorate due to exposure to sun or dirt in the tracks, and they become misaligned if the door is jarred. Too many property owners think that lubricating the track in which the door moves is the answer to patio and pocket doors that don’t easily move. But the track isn’t the problem - the bearings are - so … [Read more...]

Aptly named pocket doors are quite handy, but pocket door repairs are not for the faint of heart. Pocket doors are common in the mid-century modern homes built by developer Joseph Eichler around the Bay Area in the 1950s and 1960s. Unlike doors that swing on hinges, pocket doors slide into the wall on tracks and rollers. This space-saving feature makes them ideal for bathrooms or small rooms, or as dividers between a kitchen and dining room, for instance. But the tracks and rollers that enable the pocket door to slide also take a lot of punishment and wear out over time. Often pocket doors become untracked and unusable. Repairs can be difficult and frustrating for the DIYer. Property owners sometimes apply oil, grease or some other lubricant to get the door to slide more easily. This is a mistake. The substances make a mess and don’t address the real problem of aging parts. Fixing pocket doors the right way takes quality replacement materials, tools specific for the job … [Read more...]

Dog doors custom-installed in sliding doors are the ultimate solution for pet owners concerned with the problems associated with other styles of dog doors. A-1 On Track installs many of these popular doors for homeowners, who choose them over the other main options for several reasons: Those pet panels that fit inside the frame of your sliding door have lots of disadvantages. A pet panel cuts down the size of your doorway, and the screen door outside the slider must remain at least partially open for the pet to exit and enter. That leaves a gap for insects and weather to invade. It’s also relatively easy for an intruder to push the panel out and enter your home, no matter how snug the fit. And they’re ugly. Cutting a hole in a wall to install a conventional dog door is costly. Also, the door will probably have to be removed, and exterior and interior walls rebuilt, if the property owner decides to sell the home. With dog doors installed in sliding doors, we cut directly … [Read more...]

Re-screening a sliding glass door is one of those inevitable household projects, especially if you have children or pets. The easiest way to replace a screen that has been torn or is bowed is to hire a professional. Choose any contractor carefully, or you’ll end up paying twice for an initial job that was poorly done. But replacing the screen is actually fairly easy to do yourself, if you have patience. Here’s what to do: You’ll need a new screen, spline, a spline tool, and a utility knife. It’s best to work on a table, but a driveway or patio will suffice if you don’t mind being on your knees. Remove the sliding door from the sliding frame. This may take a little jiggling. Lay the door flat and use the screwdriver to pry loose the spline, which is the black cord that holds the screen secure in the channel of the door frame. Remove the damaged screen and lay the new screen on top of the door. The replacement screen should overlap the door frame channel by at least … [Read more...]