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Rusty rollers from a sliding door in Redwood City.

Sliding door rollers damaged from corrosion.

Old style pocket door track damaged and in need of replacement.

New style heavy duty trolley track replacement for pocket door.

Obsolete bottom roller on wardrobe door.

Aftermarket security bolt installed on sliding glass door in Palo Alto.

Paul cutting down a pocket door for repair in Saratoga.

Repairing bottom track bead on a sliding glass door in Woodside.

New rollers installed in a sliding glass door in Atherton.

Rusty sliding glass door roller taken out of a door in Mountain View.


Complete removal of sliding glass door for bottom track replacement, Atherton.


Heavy duty rollers attached with screws on the top of the bottom rail requires expertise.

Extra large heavy duty sliding screen door for install on a nine foot sliding glass door.

Bottom track of a sliding glass door damaged beyond repair, must be replaced.

Complete removal of a sliding glass door’s bottom track.

Cleanliness is what you can expect from A-1 On Track Sliding Door Repair.

The only way to fix a leaky sliding glass door is to remove the bottom track and seal the corners.

Installation of the new bottom track with correctly sealed corners stops sliding glass door leaks.

Sliding glass door panel wedged in the opening due to header sagging. Repair requires shorter glass.

Another example of the rolling panel wedged in the opening due to home settling.

Paul cutting down a sliding glass door rolling panel.

Cutting down a wood sliding door panel.


A-1 On Track owner Louis repairing 50 year old sliding glass door rollers.


Original part replacement for old sliding glass door in Palo Alto.


Some sliding glass door roller replacements require complete removal of the sliding glass door.


Sliding glass door panels removed, now we can change the rollers.

Old worn out sliding door rollers removed from patio door in Portola Valley.

New sealed bearing rollers replace the old non-sealed style rollers.


Paul removing a shattered sliding glass door panel.


Safety glass shatters into many small pieces, also known as tempered glass.

Sliding glass door roller repair put off too long. This will damage the bottom track.

Bottom track damage as a result of delayed roller replacement.


Failed seal on dual pane glass. This glass will need to be replaced.


Another example of foggy glass due to seal failure. This glass is easily replaced.


Sliding door rollers should be replaced every 2-3 years when exposed to sea air.


2 year old sliding glass door roller near the ocean in Santa Cruz.


New glass for pet door installation in Willow Glen.


Pet door installed into the glass of the sliding glass door panel.

Pet door installation complete, sliding glass door panel assembled.

Pet door installed in rolling panel of sliding glass door.

Jeff and Seth working on a sliding door installation.

New vinyl sliding door installation complete.