Some homeowners hesitate at the suggestion they protect their wooden doors from the elements by installing storm doors. Many homeowners don’t like the idea of storm doors. The think the natural beauty of an expensive wooden door is hidden by an exterior door that is ugly and cheapens the appearance of a home. They frequently change their minds when we show them the beauty and practicality of today’s storm doors. Your grandfather’s storm doors were made of inexpensive metal, flimsy and made a racket when opened and closed. Modern storm doors are sturdy, durable, and come in a variety of colors and styles. Benefits to installing storm doors in front of your wood door: Allows a breeze. This is a feature many homeowners really appreciate. We offer storm doors with movable screen inserts that can be closed or opened. Open the screen when you want the breeze, but not insects, inside. Protection from the elements. Rain and sun won’t damage your wooden door. One caveat: … [Read more...]