For a relatively low cost, you can expand usable space in your home or business while controlling noise simply by installing sliding doors between adjoining rooms. Sliding doors bring increased functionality to your home. Imagine converting two rooms into one space for: Entertaining or family gatherings. You’ll finally have the space for an extending table and be able to accommodate everyone at those special times or on holidays. A more functional master bedroom. The smaller room could be used as an easily accessible closet or dressing room. Soundproof sliding doors will enable one person to sleep undisturbed while another uses the room next door for TV viewing. A play area for the children. Set up one room as a space for playing with toys or games. Sliding glass doors allow an adult to keep an eye on the kids while blocking noise so the room next door is quiet. Finding a slider that suits your taste is a breeze. The enormous variety of quality sliding doors that … [Read more...]