Milgard Doors shown Sliding doors continue to evolve as they grow in popularity. Consumers have always appreciated the way additional livable space is created because the doors slide, instead of swing, open. Exposing the indoors to more natural light is another plus. Now creative designers are providing even more options for homeowners who want the latest architectural innovations in their sliding doors. Property owners who aren’t planning on upgrading their sliding doors can take heart: keeping the doors you now own in working order and overall good condition is most important. Provided they operate smoothly, open and close easily, shut tightly, and keep your home secure from intruders, your older sliding doors should be good to go for years to come. As for the latest sliding doors, check out these improvements: Remote controls. Why bother to get up when your sliders open and close at the touch of a button? Doors that fold away offer the benefit of … [Read more...]