Why Shower Doors Leak Pinpointing the cause of a leaking shower door and fixing it fast will save you the hassle and cost of replacing damaged flooring, drywall and anything else that gets soaked every time the shower is used. If you are not handy, don’t put off repairs. Call a contractor who will fix the leak once and for all. It’s well worth the cost of a service call. Most leaks are not difficult to fix, so if you want to take on the job yourself, A-1 On Track offers these tips: The primary causes of shower door leaks are incorrect application of caulk around the door, or using inferior-grade caulk. Use only silicone caulk - it won’t crack over time. Too often, the drainage, or “weep” holes that allow water to drain from the metal track at the base of the door, are covered by caulk or filled with soap scum. The water ends up on the bathroom floor as a result. Expose the weep holes by removing old caulk or using a toothbrush to clean the scum. If the caulking around … [Read more...]