Of all the doors in your home, bifold doors could be considered the workhorse. They’re versatile, practical and fairly easy for a DIYer to install. For closets, bifold doors are often preferable to hinged doors because they take up less space when open. Bifolds are also superior to sliding doors, which also save space but block the section of the closet where they overlap. The two panels of a bifold door fold outwards from the center towards the sides of the opening, allowing for a full view of the contents inside and access to every nook and cranny of the closet. Other benefits of installing bifold doors: They’re inexpensive. Renovators on a budget can appreciate the fact that even prices of higher quality bifold doors compare favorably to other door types. They come in a huge variety of styles and materials. Your bifold doors can become the focus of a whole room remodel, whether you are going for a modern look or want a more traditional theme. They’re … [Read more...]