Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Doors

A Quick Guide to Energy-Efficient Sliding Glass Doors Installing energy-efficient sliding glass doors is just one part of an eco-smart strategy for your home, but this critical home improvement upgrade can help save money on your energy bill. With the U.S. Department of Energy revealing that air leakage through inefficient exterior doors can drive up residential heating and cooling costs, the need to swap out existing doors with wisely selected energy-efficient sliding glass doors becomes evident. Selecting the Right Sliding Door Models According to the federal government’s ENERGY STAR program, glass doors and windows are assigned U-factor ratings that reveal their energy efficiency. The U-factor simply measures how well the product resists heat flow, and lower U-factors indicate greater insulative properties. The National Fenestration Rating Council assigns a glazing level based on the ratio of glass to frame in a door’s construction and offers U-factor recommendations for exterior … [Read more...]

Sliding Screen Doors

Bear Invasions and Your Sliding Screen Doors Can your sliding screen doors stop a hungry bear? California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates that the state’s black bear population currently numbers between 30,000 and 40,000. Given these statistics, the increase of bear intrusions into California residences isn’t surprising. While these furry visitors usually prefer to squeeze through pet doors, open windows or doors carelessly left ajar, they won’t hesitate to destroy your sliding screen doors in their quest for food.  Quick Tips for Bear-Proofing Your Property  Ever heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Since bears can detect potential food sources from several miles away with their amazing sense of smell, efforts to prevent a bear break-in should focus on two goals: Preventing easy access to your house, garage and vehicles Removing or minimizing enticing food sources and odors We’re happy to pass along a couple of tips from … [Read more...]

Sliding Door Pet Doors

Sliding Door Pet Doors: Know If They Are Right For You Each home, animal and owner are different. If you are thinking about getting a sliding door pet panel installed, consider both the positive and negative aspects of this type of panel to help ensure you make the right decision. Benefits Provided by Pet Doors in Your Sliding Door  Aside from the convenience afforded to you and your fur baby, there are other pros to having a sliding pet panel: Visually Appealing: As long as your door is a fairly common color, you can find a sliding pet door to match. Economical: This type of panel should generally form a good seal in the frame so too much air doesn’t get in or out. Simple to Install: Putting in a sliding pet door doesn’t always require professional installation but for a great finish and guaranteed operation, it is best to hire an installation expert. If your pet enjoys the outdoors, a pet door of some kind is worth considering. Potential Drawbacks to Pet Panels In … [Read more...]

Upgrade Sliding Door Hardware

3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Sliding Door Hardware Your sliding door needs fixing, so why not make the most of the situation by upgrading its hardware? At A-1 On Track, we want to make sure your doors not only slide, but glide. Many people live every day fighting sliding doors that stick. If you are tired of fighting, or if your sliding door no longer works properly, it’s time to let us upgrade your hardware. 1. Range of Options on Hardware Appearance and Function You have a choice when it comes to the latch, lock and even the handles on your sliding door. It should latch completely, lock securely and be comfortable and smooth to operate. A technician from A-1 On Track can show you options that would work best with your door to make sure you get the best match. 2. Better Sliding Door Security An old or faulty latch or lock can comprise the security of your home. Don’t risk unwanted company getting in or small children accidentally getting out. Upgrade the hardware on your … [Read more...]

Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets Use a Pet Door and Keep them Out of the Sun Dogs and cats are just as vulnerable to summer heat as young children and older people. While they might love to play outdoors, it is important to keep them safe from dehydration and sunburn. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) offers some important hot weather safety tips for your pets. 10 Ways to Protect Your Pets in Summer Use pet-specific sunscreen: Products for humans generally contain zinc oxide which is toxic for your animals. Limit walking on asphalt surfaces: The heat can burn their sensitive paws. Walk them in the grass if you can. Avoid over-exercising them: Walk your pooch during the early hours of the morning or after sundown when it is cooler. Provide plenty of fresh drinking water: Change the water in their bowls often and carry a bottle when you are outdoors with your pet. Never leave them unattended in your car: Vehicles will overheat in the sun … [Read more...]