Versatile Accordion Doors Break up Spaces, Store Neatly

Accordion Doors Break up Spaces Versatile accordion doors, popular for decades, continue to be a favorite design feature in commercial and residential settings.

The doors are commonly found in schools, churches, hotels, retail outlets and homes. Affordability is a major selling point – used to fit expansive openings, they are among the least expensive doors available.

Benefits of Accordion Doors

There are many reasons why accordion doors have endured for so long:

  • They save space. The fact that they fold makes accordion doors very compact solutions, especially compared to hinged doors that may be impractical in tight areas.
  • They are great room dividers. A drawn accordion door creates two usable spaces from a single room. Modern accordion doors are made with materials that deaden sound, so large groups of people can meet on either side with no noisy distractions.
  • Their durability makes them an economical option. Quality accordion doors withstand a lot of punishment and can last for years, even in commercial settings in which they are opened and closed often.
  • Installation is easy. Accordion doors can be installed anywhere, even in rooms with suspended ceilings. They attach to a track anchored to the ceiling.
  • Maintenance is simple. A damp cloth is all that’s needed to clean an accordion door. Repair or adjustments can often be made with just a screwdriver.
  • They come in a wide choice of styles. Available in almost every color and a many types of fabrics, accordion doors are adaptable to any design. Many can be painted if you want to change the look of a room.
  • They are customizable. Accordion doors can be made to fit virtually any size opening, even curved ones.

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