Versatile Accordion Doors Break up Spaces, Store Neatly Versatile accordion doors, popular for decades, continue to be a favorite design feature in commercial and residential settings. The doors are commonly found in schools, churches, hotels, retail outlets and homes. Affordability is a major selling point - used to fit expansive openings, they are among the least expensive doors available. Benefits of Accordion Doors There are many reasons why accordion doors have endured for so long: They save space. The fact that they fold makes accordion doors very compact solutions, especially compared to hinged doors that may be impractical in tight areas. They are great room dividers. A drawn accordion door creates two usable spaces from a single room. Modern accordion doors are made with materials that deaden sound, so large groups of people can meet on either side with no noisy distractions. Their durability makes them an economical option. Quality accordion doors … [Read more...]