Prevent Injuries from Sticky Sliding Glass Doors A sliding glass door that is difficult to open or shut is not just a nuisance. It can be dangerous. Jammed fingers or toes, hand sprains, muscle pulls, even cuts from broken glass can result from aggressively yanking on a balky sliding door. Rule No. 1 when a slider does not move easily: Don’t force it, which could result in injuries. Find another way in or out of the house for the time being. Regular maintenance or simple fixes to your door can prevent a trip to the local emergency room. A-1 On Track has these suggestions to keep your sliding door operating effortlessly: Keep the track clean. Dirt, hair, pet dander and other debris that accumulates over time slows the operation of a door. First vacuum the track, then scrub it using soapy, warm water and a toothbrush or cloth. A monthly cleaning will keep the door sliding smoothly for years. Check the rollers. Your door moves via small, hard plastic wheels at the base … [Read more...]