Why Do Pocket Doors Bind and Stick? Pocket doors are convenient and save space, but over time they may become difficult to open and close. Among the most common repairs A-1 On Track encounters in homes are pocket doors that don’t operate properly. So why do pocket doors bind and stick? There are several reasons: Structural settling in older homes. Door frames, wall studs and floors can bow with age, making it harder to move the pocket door. Tracks that become warped, displaced or bent. Settling or repeated use over time can damage a door’s track. Tracks that become clogged with hair, dust, plaster or other debris. Nails in the hollow wall opening into which the door recesses that either stop a door from sliding entirely or obstruct the smooth movement of the door. Nails that are hidden inside the door recess or painted over will leave deep scratches on the door. Moisture in basements or bathrooms sometimes warps pocket doors. Dirty, broken or … [Read more...]