Sliding Windows Need Maintenance, Too You may have sliding windows in your home that function much the same as your sliding patio doors. Many types of sliding aluminum windows glide on small rollers, especially those installed in wide openings. Just as with sliding patio doors, those rollers can wear out over time and make opening and closing the windows a struggle. The sliding door pros at A-1 On Track recommend the same basic maintenance for both windows and doors: cleaning the track. First, vacuum or wipe down the track to clear it of debris. Wiping the track with a clean cloth and a solution of one part vinegar, two parts water works well. Other common household cleaners also are fine. Don’t apply substances such as cooking oil or motor oil in an attempt to “grease” the track. They quickly become gummy and make window operation even more difficult, not easier. If your windows are still balky after the track has been cleaned, the rollers may need replacing. Check … [Read more...]