Sliding Doors Actually Roll on Little Wheels Many homeowners don’t realize their sliding doors actually roll on small wheels. The wheels are are usually hidden, so thinking that sliders slide in the track instead of rolling is understandable. But in order to repair a sliding door, it’s important to know how it operates. How to Get your Sliding Door Rolling Resist your first impulse to lubricate the track with WD40, silicone spray, or any type of oil. Sliding doors need little lubrication. Applying DIY solutions like cooking oil to your slider’s track results in a gummy mess that eventually smells bad, attracts insects, and doesn’t solve the problem. Sliding doors become difficult to operate for two primary reasons: The track is obstructed with dirt, hair, or debris, or the rollers are out of alignment or broken. The first problem is a simple fix. Using a crevice attachment, vacuum out the track, then wipe it down with a damp cloth. Dirty tracks are a chief reason for … [Read more...]