If you need sliding door lock replacement, don’t wait to install this vital element to the safety of your building. The security of your home or business depends on the ability to lock doors securely and preventing intruders from easily breaking into them. A-1 On Track can replace virtually any type of lock for your sliding door. We also respond quickly because we know your safety - and peace of mind - is assured when sliding doors at your home or business can be locked securely. There are many locks from which to choose. The better locks can cost up to $200 or more. While spending a lot of money on a lock is not always necessary, keep in mind that the more expensive locks will be sturdier because they are made of materials such as solid brass, more reliable and better able to withstand constant use. Manufacturer warranties will also be more comprehensive on products of higher quality. Buy only locks that are certified by the American National Standards Institute, or … [Read more...]