Milgard doors shown Are you considering replacing your sliding doors with elegant French doors? Or thinking of how practical sliders may be an improvement over the hinged French doors you now own? Both types of doors have benefits. Here are some factors to keep in mind: Many people prefer the more traditional look of French doors. But if your home already has several sliding doors, it may make more sense to keep all doors the same. Sliding doors also can be made to resemble, if not function, like French doors. Keeping the bugs out. Opening a door to allow in a cooling breeze can be wonderful. Not-so-great are the insects that also find their way indoors. Sliding doors typically come with exterior screen doors that keep bugs out while the main door is open. French doors typically have no screens because they swing open, so bugs can be a problem. Some people prefer the ease of opening and closing French doors. Sliding doors can sometimes be more difficult to … [Read more...]