This may come as no surprise to many homeowners: a sliding closet door with mirrors tends could have issues that are not present with standard closet doors. The reason: Mirrored doors, constructed with metal framing, are heavy. The heavier the sliding door, the greater wear and tear will be on the rollers and tracks. Many people who live in homes built in the 1970s and 1980s, when mirrored sliding closet doors were popular, have experienced the grinding of a closet door that happens after years of use. If you are tired of tugging on a stubborn slider to gain access to your clothes, or have often crunched your fingers against the heavy doors, you have options: Replace the mirrored door. A professional can install new, lighter doors of a more contemporary style. This may be your best choice if the door track is damaged or bent. Perform simple maintenance. Check to see if the sliding door has gotten untracked. If it has, try to place it back in the track by gently lifting … [Read more...]