Fix Pet-Damaged Screens Before Spring For some households, pet-damaged screen doors are a fact of life. It takes just a few instances of Rex excitedly jumping on the patio door screen to require repairs. Now is the time to repair those pet-damaged screens. The arrival of warmer weather means more bugs. Don’t make it easy for them to invade your home through a torn screen patio door. Replacing the screen can be a challenge if you have never attempted it. A-1 On Track suggests calling an experienced contractor to make the repairs if you have doubts about your ability to do the job. But if you have a few simple tools, an hour or so, and the desire to fix it yourself, go for it. Here is how to repair a pet-damaged screen: Buy new screening from a hardware or home improvement store. You’ll also need a spline roller. If your pets are hard on screens, consider purchasing higher quality screening. Remove the screen door from the slider frame and place it horizontally on the … [Read more...]