Replacing Rusted Rollers on Commercial Sliding Doors Moisture and salt air are tough on exterior sliding doors. If you live or have a business near the ocean, expect the metal rollers on your new sliders to rust soon. If your sliders have been in place awhile, your doors may already be difficult to open and close because of damaged rollers. There are two options: Replace the doors, which can be expensive, or fix the rollers. A-1 On Track recommends repairs, at least initially. This requires removing the sliders from the frame. Have someone help you do this, since the doors are heavy and awkward to handle. You will probably have to unscrew a plastic brace at the top of the frame to free the door. Place the door on a flat surface and remove the damaged rollers by loosening the screws at the base of the door. If you see two screws, one atop the other, the top screw usually is the one that secures the rollers. To purchase the correct roller for your door, note the … [Read more...]