Protecting your wood-framed sliding doors from sun damage takes a little effort but makes a big difference in the appearance of the doors. In California, it’s common to see wood sliders that are just a couple of years old faded, dried or cracked on the side facing the outdoors while  remaining beautiful on the indoors side. Protecting sliding doors isn’t just a cosmetic step. Moisture can seep into cracks in the wood and ruin a door in short order. A-1 On Track has some suggestions to keeping your sliding doors looking great, inside and outside: Immediately after the doors have been installed, apply a varnish that guards against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Marine varnishes offer good protection and are available at most hardware or home improvement stores. Avoid applying stain or paint in the sun. Do it on cloudy days, before sunrise or after sunset. Don’t allow anything that contains a solvent to come in contact with weatherstripping. Solvents cause … [Read more...]