A specialist is experienced in repairs and installations doors that can be surprisingly complex. Pocket doors, popular decades ago, became rarer in new construction during the 1960s. Finding a craftsman to repair a pocket door on an older home, or install one in new construction, became difficult. Today, pocket doors are making a comeback and our specialists are in demand.  Homeowners appreciate the space-saving aspects of doors that slide into the wall. Pocket doors are increasingly being used for a variety of rooms - home offices, laundry or utility rooms, closets, or bathrooms. In the Bay Area, vintage pocket doors in homes built in the early 20th century require knowledge of older hardware systems. Walls that have shifted with age and become uneven can make operating once-grand pocket doors a frustrating experience. Fixing them requires an especially deft touch. Because practical pocket doors are often heavily used, they require periodic maintenance or replacement. For … [Read more...]