Sometimes Patio Doors Just Need Adjustments Homeowners often think the only solution to a patio door that won’t budge is a new patio door. But sometimes patio doors only need adjustments in order to work correctly. All sliding doors move on rollers, or small wheels at the base of the door. Patio doors endure a lot of traffic, especially during the warmer months, so worn rollers are not unusual. If your door is fairly new but is increasingly difficult to open or close, your rollers may need adjusting. This is a two-person job. Find the hole at the inside base of the door that provides access to a roller-adjustment screw. While the other person lifts the patio door slightly - about a quarter of an inch - use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw. It may take several turns of the screw to get the right adjustment, but eventually your patio door should be sliding smoothly. Keeping the track free of dust and debris minimizes damage to the rollers and also … [Read more...]