Patio Door Track Resurfacing Renews Your Slider Patio door track resurfacing is a way to make your slider operate like new and saves you the cost of having to buy a new door. Rollers and the door track work in tandem, enabling anyone to open and close the door smoothly and with little effort. Cleaning the track of dirt and dust and adjusting the rollers are always the first options in getting a balky slider moving again. If that fails to make operation easier, it’s possible your stubborn door has damaged rollers. Because bad rollers don’t provide enough support for the door, it’s a good bet that the door is grinding down the track every time it is opened or closed. Resurfacing the door track, not replacing the entire door, is a great solution. Resurfacing calls for the entire removal of the door from the frame. This typically requires two people and is one reason A-1 On Track recommends hiring an experienced sliding door contractor to do the job. Why Hire a Professional … [Read more...]