Patio door rollers wear out primarily for the same reason anything with moving parts wears out - years of use. All that time spent in the backyard for barbecues, family get-togethers, graduation parties, and weekend afternoons with a cold drink are tough on patio doors. Slowly,  almost imperceptibly, the often-used doors become more difficult to open and close. The rollers, which are actually small metal wheels in the frame at the bottom of the patio door, are attached by bearings. Because the bearings carry the load of the door as it moves, they become worn. Even quality doors that are not opened and shut frequently begin to drag after awhile. Bearings can also deteriorate due to exposure to sun or dirt in the tracks, and they become misaligned if the door is jarred. Too many property owners think that lubricating the track in which the door moves is the answer to patio and pocket doors that don’t easily move. But the track isn’t the problem - the bearings are - so … [Read more...]