We Provide On-Site Door Handle Fabrication In most households, door handles take a lot of punishment. When sliding doors become more difficult to operate, handles can break from users who repeatedly and forcefully open and close the door. Repairing sliding door handles yourself can be an easy DIY project, if the appropriate replacement door handle can be found. Simply unscrew the original handle and screw on the new one. But frequently, the broken handle comes from an older door, and the manufacturer has discontinued the original handle. When sliding door handles need to be repaired but no replacement is available, consider on-site door handle fabrication by the professionals at A-1 On Track. As sliding door specialists, we can replace or repair any type of door handle. We assemble new handles from a variety of handle parts we have available at all times. On Site Door Handle Fabrication for Home or Office At your home or office, we can fabricate a door handle of sturdy … [Read more...]