New Sliding Closet Doors Add Value and Style to a Home A simple and relatively inexpensive way to add value to a home is to install new sliding closet doors. If you own an older home, it’s possible the original sliding doors are frustratingly difficult to open and close. They have likely taken a beating from open and closing, hanging things on them, bumping them, etc.  The tracks become damaged beyond repair without routine track maintenance over the years. Replacing just the track is an option, but consider installing brand new sliders. Replacing balky, older doors is an opportunity to give rooms a facelift. Also, imagine how nice it is to have new closet doors that operate smoothly and take little effort to open and close. Sliding doors are practical replacements for expansive hinged doors because they save space in compact rooms or small areas. A bifold slider or accordion door allows for easier access to your entire closet, too. Other reasons for installing new sliding … [Read more...]