These electronic locks can be installed on hinged doors as well as sliders and bi-fold doors. Say goodbye to the bars that fit between the door and jamb and serve as “locks” on many sliding doors. The good news: doors with conventional key locks can be retrofitted with electronic locks. If you have never installed an electronic lock, it’s a good idea to have an experienced contractor do it. Electronic locks come in all sorts of styles and finishes, but the key consideration is quality. The very best locks use finger imprint technology, but they cost hundreds of dollars and may be more high-end than most homeowners want or need. Digital deadbolt locks that operate by entering a code on a keypad are popular and affordable. Most models have the option of adding additional codes. Keyless remote door locks are somewhat misnamed. You still need a key - or a key fob, to be exact - to open the lock. A click on the fob operates the lock in the same way a garage door is … [Read more...]