How to Measure for Your Pet Door Installing a pet door in an existing sliding door is a great convenience to both you and your animal. Imagine no more getting up from bed to let Spike out when nature calls at 2 a.m. A professional sliding door contractor can cut an opening in your slider and install the ideal door for your pet in just a couple of hours. Measuring precisely and using common sense are keys to designing a pet door that a dog or cat will be willing and able to use. First, measure the width of your pet. A long-haired animal may appear wider than it actually is. Add an inch or two to be safe. Next, measure your pet’s height, from the top of the shoulders - not the head - to the floor. Add a couple inches to the height to prevent your pet from wearing out the door’s flaps due to constantly rubbing against them. Additional guidelines on installing your pet door: The door should be tall and wide enough to comfortably accommodate the pet when it is fully … [Read more...]