How to Keep Intruders Out with Innovative Pet Door Protection Pet doors can be a great convenience for both animal and owner, but there is a down side: Other animals or even burglars can get into a home via that same door. Often that means blocking the pet door while the owner is away, or installing a lockable pet door. Both solutions defeat the purpose of the pet door, which is to allow the animal to freely go outdoors at any time without requiring the assistance of the owner. But keeping intruders out with innovative pet door protection is now possible. One product on the market is simple in concept but effective at restricting access to only your pet, whether it’s a dog or cat. Installation is relatively simple, and replacing your current pet door is not necessary. The product is a rectangular barrier made of steel, which comes in three sizes, with bars spanning an open middle. When the barrier is placed at the appropriate proximity to the pet door, it blocks animals or … [Read more...]