There are several reasons that problems with swinging closet doors can develop: Placing clothes or heavy mirrors on hangers mounted on the doors can alter the way the door hangs on its hinges, even to the point where it doesn’t operate correctly. Hollow-core doors are particularly susceptible. Repeated exposure to moisture may actually change the shape of a door. It’s important to have vents to the outside in bathrooms or rooms with indoor pools or hot tubs to allow humidity to escape. When a building settles, the shape of door frames change. Settling is a particular problem in earthquake-prone California. High-pile carpet may be toasty on your feet in the morning but has the same effect as a rubber stopper on a hinged door. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with stubborn closet doors. An  A-1 On-Track door repair professional can fix virtually any door problem. We’ll do what it takes to restore the operation of your closet doors. In many cases, simply … [Read more...]