Bifold Door Rollers and Tracks Need Care When aging bifold doors stick together, bind, or otherwise fail to operate properly, the problem can usually be found in the track at the top of the door frame. Often the trouble with a balky bifold is a loose bracket on one or both ends of the track. This is a repair virtually anyone can perform. First: Loosen, don’t remove, the bracket’s set screw, then position the bracket so the door closes properly and tighten the screw. It may take a few attempts to get the bracket in the right position, but once it is, your door should operate smoothly. But if the track itself is damaged, then the rollers, which are the plastic wheels that move within the track when the door is opening and closing, won’t move freely. Rollers that are jammed within the track cause bifold doors to bind. You can avoid damaging the tracks by taking care not to operate the doors too roughly. Also, don’t hang clothes or other items from the top of the open doors - the … [Read more...]