Selecting Bathroom Closet Door Handles and Locks It’s now time to select bathroom closet door handles and locks, and you are overwhelmed. Choosing from among the enormous variety of handles and locks is difficult, especially if you’re never really thought about them before. Who would have thought there were so many styles, finishes and colors? Consulting a sliding door contractor or a designer makes navigating the choices easier. Appearance is one consideration. Door handles should contrast with the color of the door. A light-colored handle seems to blend into a door that is also light-colored. Another tip: Updating door handles and locks in other rooms gives a house a uniform look. At the very least, try to closely match door handles within view of one another, at least in color if not style. Practicality is another consideration. Many people like to have locks on their bathroom or closet doors, especially if there are little ones present who love to explore. Most of … [Read more...]