Well-used mirrored closet doors sometimes need adjusting. Often, you can make the adjustment yourself with just a screwdriver. Most sliding doors have a mechanism known as a “wheelhouse” at either the bottom or top of the frame. Adjust the screw in the mechanism until the rollers come in full contact with the track. Your mirrored door will begin to slide properly again. If your doors have become untracked, you’ll have to loosen the screw, lift up the door, and gently place it back in the track. Mirrored doors are heavier than typical hollow-core doors, so this job may take two people. Preventive maintenance cuts down the need for adjustments. Remove pet hair, dirt or other debris by wiping the track with a damp cloth every so often. Periodically vacuuming the track helps, too. Sometimes mirrored closet sliding doors need more than a simple adjustment. Rollers on closet doors that are opened and closed many times a day can wear down or even break. In those cases, you need … [Read more...]