We Install Pet Doors for Your Convenience

Are you tired of getting out of bed or off the couch to let the pooch out? Maybe it’s time to install a pet door!

It means newfound freedom for you and your dog, but you have some decisions to make.

You must choose the type of door that works best for both your animal, and you. Pet doors range from the simple “flap” kind to electronic ones that are triggered by a chip in your pet’s collar. Then there is the matter of installation.

A-1 On Track suggests forgoing the cheap pet panels that fit inside the frame of a sliding door. Besides being ugly, these quick-installation doors also cut down the width of your doorway. Another drawback: Because closing the screen door blocks the pet door opening, you’re forced to leave the screen partially open, which allows bugs into the house.

We recommend installing your pet door in the glass of your sliding door – yes, that’s possible – or in a wall. Some types of pet doors that are fine for walls do not work well with sliders, so check with the manufacturer, or ask us about it.

This is one project that you should leave to a professional sliding door contractor, particularly if you wish to go with the sliding door option. Cutting glass doors requires a delicate touch. In fact, tempered glass will shatter when cut. Cutting into walls can also be tricky for someone with little experience at projects.

A-1 On Track handles all kinds of pet door installation for you. We’ll measure your pet, order the size and type of door that works best, put it in place, then clean up. The entire project should take about an hour.

To install pet doors that will work for years, schedule an appointment with A-1 On Track today. Call 408-866-0267.