Check Your Sliding Glass Doors to Keep Out the Rain

Check Your Glass Sliding Doors to Keep Out the Rain A wet winter should prompt you to check your glass sliding doors to make sure they keep out the rain. A sliding door that was installed properly and is in good condition should be virtually watertight. If you notice moisture in your home when it rains, there could be several causes, according to A-1 On Track, the sliding door professionals: Blocked weep holes cause water to pool around the base of a sliding door and possibly spill into the home. Wipe the track with a clean cloth and make sure the weep holes at the base of the door are open. You may need to shoot some compressed air into the holes to be certain they are clear. Clogged weep holes are another reason, along with keeping the slider operating smoothly, to regularly clean dirt, hair and debris from the track. Improper sliding door installation may leave gaps around the door frame that allows water indoors. If you are lucky, a little caulk to seal the gaps … [Read more...]

Accordion Doors Need Regular Maintenance Too

Accordion Doors Need Regular Maintenance, Too Accordion doors are a perfect solution when you need to divide a space into smaller rooms. Common in schools and other public buildings, they take up little space and are easy to operate. Like all sliding doors, accordion doors need regular maintenance in order to continue working smoothly year after year. This is true whether your accordion door is made of a single piece of vinyl that telescopes, or several wood or wood-like panels. A-1 On Track offers these tips on how to keep your accordion doors in top shape Keep the tracks clean. The No. 1 reason sliding doors malfunction is because dirt, dust, or debris has been allowed to accumulate in the tracks. Use a damp rag to clean the interior of the track frequently. Check the motor - automatic accordion doors that implement a motor to open and close them are becoming popular. Unless you are handy, hire a sliding door professional to check the motor on a regular basis, maybe … [Read more...]

Shower Door Cleaning – a New Year’s Resolution

Shower Door Cleaning - A New Year’s Resolution Make shower door cleaning the New Year’s resolution you actually keep. It may seem that water spots and soap scum accumulate almost instantly on your shower door after a cleaning. But it’s easier to keep your door sparkling by following one simple step: Employing a squeegee. After every shower, squeegee water off the shower door. While you’re at it, wipe the shower walls, too. It’s a task that takes less than a minute but is worth the trouble because it cuts down on the buildup of scum and makes occasional, full-scale cleaning easier. You may be surprised at how quickly you can train yourself to reach automatically for the squeegee after you’ve showered. The bottom door frame track is a particularly tough area of the shower to keep clean. Along with a squeegee, keep a toothbrush on hand to occasionally scrub the track and clean door hinges. As for keeping your glass shower door spotless, there are several options: … [Read more...]

Best Methods to Clean Shower Glass Doors

The Best Methods to Clean Shower Glass Doors A-1 On Track wants your sliding doors to look good, as well as work properly. For a sparkling appearance, we're recommending the best methods to clean your glass shower doors. In households with hard water, shower glass doors can quickly become marred with mineral deposits. Over time and with multiple showers, soap scum attaches to the deposits. That combination of scum and deposits makes your shower door particularly tough to clean completely. There are many products that remove soap scum pretty well. Others are aimed at eliminating deposits. The trick is finding an inexpensive product that will clean both, while being relatively easy to use. Using natural products such as vinegar to clean around the house should be a priority. For shower doors, though, vinegar, ammonia or any other natural cleaner you may have on hand just doesn’t cut through the muck. Cleaning the shower glass door is one job that requires a store-bought … [Read more...]

Electronic Pet Door Gives Pets the Keys and Keeps Out Pests

Electronic Pet Door Gives Your Pets ‘the Key’ and Keeps out Pests An electronic pet door that gives pets “the key” and keeps out pests has solved the problems associated with conventional pet doors. The Power Pet is an electronically operated door, activated by an ultrasonic collar worn by your pet. As the dog or cat approaches, the door automatically opens, allowing your pet to go outside or come inside. Like other pet doors, the Power Pet offers owners the convenience of not having to open and close doors for their pets. But this electronic door, which can be installed by the sliding door specialists at A-1 On Track, offers additional benefits: The door itself is a tough, translucent resin panel that the manufacturer, High Tech Pet, promises will not discolor or break. High Tech Pet claims the panel is even bulletproof. The motorized Power Pet insulates better than other pet doors because the panel moves up and down, instead of swinging open. For homeowners with … [Read more...]